Cards jumps from right to left hand package and from left to right. (as seen on David Blaine Video Street Magic and even better on his “Showman” tape). Take cards in left hand and do similar to a snap double lift (Larry Jennings). i.e. the top card is buckled (curved) and you put your index finger in the gap. You push with your index finger up and rotates your hand a bit to the right as the cards releases from the deck.

Extra: Card turn over flicking
Card turnover flicking (as seen on the pass video of Brad Burt, not explained) – similar as the 2 cards as one but with one card. You hold the card between your ring finger and thumb. Index finger in the middle of the side and presses inward so the card gets a bent downward. Now when you let the card run of your fingers, the hand moves upward and the index finger pushes inward. The card will twist upward onto the deck.

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