The fastest shot there is!
Ricky Jay mentioned this shot in his book “Cards as Weapons” on page 12 but did not fully explained it.

Flip Hallema showed me this shot at the Dutch Magic Convention in may 2002. Playing around with cards together with Gregory Wilson for about an hour, Flip did this move and astonished us!! This is a really hard shot that can be a real weapon so must be used carefully. It is a special technique that makes this shot fast as a bullet.

Instruction: Grab the deck in your left hand. Thumb on the side. With the tip of your index finger (or together with your middle finger) you push hard on the right corner of the deck and push the card forward as hard as you can. Bevel the deck 90 degrees so you get more strength to push the card forward. After practicing for a while you will find out that if you push the card a bit with a spin to the left and you get the right angle, you can propel the card straight, fast and far!

Flip showed us this move as part of a trick: spectator chooses card, with a top switch you show a double card (2 as 1) the card is inserted in the middle of the deck (part of ambitious card move) and he shoots the top card from the deck being the spectators card to find on the other side of the room.

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