This is probably the most beautiful method of dealing a card and can be used in tricks and at the card table. See Lennart Green perform it and you will be amazed. It’s same idea as the thumb flick shot but now the little finger pulls from the lower side of the deck in a quick motion.

Instruction: Get the deck in dealing position. Thumb is resting on the side and the other fingers are on the right side. The index finger and thumb are holding the deck. Give some pressure with the thumb and index finger on the top card. The little finger pulls the card from the deck to the right. Get a bit of a clockwise motion. The card will shoot to the right and is caught by the right hand.

You can also just bounds it the right hand like the card is coming from the right hand. You can also do a boomerang with this version by tilting the left hand a bit over to the left.

A nice variation of this technique is “The top shot change” also by Lennart Green. Put a card just near the end of the table (on your side) and with you right hand you lap the card. This is done with your ring finger. At the same time you lap the card you do a Top shot and make a forward motion to distract the lapping of the card. If you see Lennart Green performing this, it looks amazing! Check his Green Magic DVD’s


The 1999 version:


The centre shot by Lennart Green:

This is looks like the same move as the Top Shot by Green but you give the illusion that you shoot the card from the middle of the deck.: A card is in Lateral Palm in your right hand. With you right hand you pull half of the deck down with your little finger and you let the card flick back so you make the same noise as the thumb shot. At the same time you get the Lateral Palm into view like you have catches it with your right hand. Great to see!!

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