“Shot Pass Direction” by van Venrooij: I have came up with a variation and a routine on the first ring finger shoot method which you can use if you are in the pass position and a way to get the eyes of the deck while executing the pass. I think this is an original so use it but credit me! Shoot the card out of the deck which is just above the selection (above the break). You shoot the card and do a pass. This is a good way to cover the pass because everybody is looking at the card which just left the deck. Get a 52 on 1 card and shoot this card and ask if their card is on it (duhh!). Execute the pass and you got the card on top. Great way for misdirection (or direction as Tommy Wonder would say!). If you are in pass position, move the thumb to the left top of the deck and when you move your right hand out of the way you shoot directly. It’s the same shot as above but you do not turn you hand and you do the dragging of the card (to get it free from the thumb) under the cover of your right hand. This one is undetectable!.

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